Relish dishes from around the world

Here, you’ll eat well


We’re driven by curiosity. That’s why we continuously seek new tastes from different corners of Poland and the world.

Classic tartar, seafood, or homemade pierogies – here, you’ll rediscover those flavours you already know and visit new culinary lands.



Feast for senses

We believe food should taste and look good. Our menu is a feast for the senses – thought-through and beautifully plated.


Fresh ingredients

Here, you’ll eat well because we use the best fresh ingredients. That’s why our dishes will likely take a particular spot in your heart.


Friendly atmosphere

Winiarnia is first and foremost people – always welcoming and accommodating. And most guests choose us because they feel truly at home here.

Pamper your palate

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We’re trying to satisfy the palates of every guest. View our current menu to see what you can eat this season.